TUESDAY                 04.00 – 05.30 P.M.
THURSDAY              04.00 – 05.30 P.M.
SATURDAY              03.00 – 05.00 P.M.
SUNDAY                  03.00 – 05.00 P.M.
STATE HOLIDAYS     03.00 – 05.00 P.M.
The hospital central lobby is intended for visiting purposes.
The family and friends’ visits are important part of treatment, but too many visits may be tiring for you, and even interfere with a rest of other patents in the room, particularly those in a rather severe condition. For hygienic and health reasons, visitors are not to sit on inpatient beds.
The MMA has a dress code your visitors should follow, otherwise they would be denied access to the MMA’s building. Do not wait for your visitors in the lobbies, or in front of the elevators. Don’t see them out either.
We do not recommend taking children under 7 years of age to the hospital.
Extraordinary inpatient hospital visits should be pre-authorized by the heads of clinics, and the mma’s management board, and for such purposes, a special permit would be issued.

The clinics which have special visiting rules are:
• the clinic for infectious and tropic diseases
• burn department of the clinic for plastic surgery

Visits are not allowed to the following clinics:
• the anesthesiology and intensive care unit
• emergency center

Visits to those units may be allowed only in certain cases and pre-authorized exclusively by the heads of those clinics.

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