Organ Donation Pledge Program
Organ donation pledge program and donor card-signing was realized for the first time in Serbia about ten years ago at Military Medical Academy with the aims of promotion and improvement of cadaver transplantation program. It includes voluntary, nonprofit, written consent of anyone 18 years old and above, and are not mentally disordered can pledge to donate his organs for the purposes of transplantation. The person who made the pledge can revoke it.
There is no age limit for organ donors and every adult citizen in Serbia who is not suffering from malignant diseases, diabetes or any psychiatric or neurologic disorders can become the signer of a donor card. Also, the drug addicts, patients with severe heart and kidney failures, HIV positive persons and individuals with hepatitis B and C infections cannot pledge their organs.
The special emphasis should be given to the fact that this represents a human act with absolutely no profit for the owner of donor card.
Up to now more than 150 000 persons in Serbia have pledged to donate their organs in case of brain death.

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