Every March 2, the MMA celebrates the MMA’s Day to commemorate the day when the Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic is­sued the Decree on the establishment of the first Central Military Hospital. Since its establishment up to now, this military hospital in Belgrade has changed its lo­cation six times, growing gradually from the Danube Division Military Hospital and the Army District Principal Military Hospital to the Central Military Hospi­tal of the Yugoslav National Liberation Army and today’s edifice standing on the Banjica Hill. The Military Medical Acad­emy was established in 1949. Eleven years later, in 1960, the Assembly of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia passed the Act on the Military Medical Academy. The construction of a new MMA’s building, one of the symbols of Belgrade, was completed in 1981. By the decision of the Republic of Serbia Gov­ernment taken on December 13, 2007, the Military Medical Academy has been functionally integrated into the National Health System with 40% of its capacities. That Agreement went into force on Janu­ary 1, 2008.

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