Center for Hyperbaric Medicine
It deals with the therapeutic use of 100% pure oxygen at the pressure greater than 1 atmosphere in a special hyperbaric chamber. 
It has been proved that 100 % oxygen has positive physiological effects on all oxygen-starved tissues due to ischemia. It shows as well anti-inflammatory and bactericide effects, improves the blood circulation, has the immunosuppressive effects, regulates the level of prostaglandin in the body, induces collagen synthesis in regenerating tissues, and supports creation of callus at a bone fracture site.
Hyperbaric oxygenation offers a modern possibility of treatment of numerous surgical and interventional diseases, until the other can choose it as an option.
Diseases and conditions using hyperbaric medicine
Acute indications
Chronic indications
1. poisoning on carbon monoxide
2. artery gas embolism
3. gas gangrene
4. decompression sickness
5. severe infections of soft tissue, including diabetic gangrene
6. "crush" injuries and compartment syndrome
7. burns with or without smoke inhalation
8. anemia caused by severe bleeding
9. postanoxic encephalopathy
10. instantaneous deafness
11. severe damages of eyesight caused by vascular pathology
1. skin ulcerations due to chronic ischemia, caused by:
а) artery insufficiency
b) vein insufficiency
c) diabetic vascular disorders
d) decubitus
е) posttrauma
f) postradiation
g) gangrenous pyoderma
2. compromised graft - vascular or infectiuos origin
3. radiation necrotic lesion
4. chronic refractory osteomyelitis
USA College for hyperbaric medicine declared in its protocol in 1983, also rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma.


MMA’s Information Office: +381 11 266 11 22, +381 11 266 27 55
Head of the Center: Colonel Milorad Rabrenović, M.D.
Tel: +381 11 266 11 32


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