The Military Medical Academy admits patients between the hours of 07.30 a.m. - 03.00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Emergency cases are admitted through the Emergency Department operating 24 hours a day. Patients scheduled for admission to our hospital are required to provide the following documents:
Military insured patients:
• a referral from a relevant military medical facility ( emergency cases excluded)
• a certified medical booklet
• a valid id document
Civilians having health insurance coverage:
• a regular referral for inpatient treatment (except for self-pay patients)
• a certified medical booklet
• a valid id document

The admission to hospital is obtained either through the Admission Unit or the ER. On admission, a patient should hand over all his/her personal items, valuables and money to the admission staff. They will issue a written certificate to a patient, and assign him/her with necessary hospital items he/she would be responsible for during his/her hospital stay. A patient is allowed to bring only personal hygiene items with him/her to the clinic.
In case a patient or an insurance agency or any other party is financially responsible for all his/her charges incurred due to medical care provided to him/her, he/she should first attend a respective ward of the MMA’s Specialist Outpatient Clinic for an outpatient specialist examination to indicate if there is the need for hospital treatment, and if so, schedule the hospital admission. This category of patients i.e. Self-pay patients are required to present their valid ID documents or passports on admission to our hospital.


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