The first 180 years
The jubilee of the Military Medical Academy and its existence for 180 years in the service of its people, its army, and the country.
On the occasion of this jubilee, which hardly anyone in the country and beyond has the opportunity to celebrate, it is difficult to summarize even just a decade behind us, let alone by all standards the binding history and tradition that the MMA inherits.
On the eve of the birthday, each of which has so far deserved powerful words, this year we have had a demanding task in front of us to adequately present and mark the integrity of the MMA's existence. This institution is a symbol of the origin and development of the medical corps of Serbia and a solid foundation of not only military but also Serbian medicine in general. The professional, educational, and scientific research work of generations of the best military and civilian doctors and nurses employed has been maintained and improved for decades, thus ensuring the continuity of trust of all patients and people in successful treatment, education, and quality care.
Precisely for these reasons, it is difficult and ungrateful to expect comprehensiveness during one event, because numerous works have been written about the MMA, and its value has grown and strengthened every day. In addition to recalling the most important moments from the previous 180 years, a great effort has been made to, during the ceremony, introduce numerous dignitaries to the continuity of progress and development of this first military healthcare institution, which developed from the Central Military Hospital of the Principality of Serbia in 1844 to today's "temple of health and education", to the pride of our country and beyond its borders.
MMA was created with the idea of eternity, and the starting point of success is desire. All employees at MMA have the desire to make everyday life more beautiful, it is part of our calling and with true passion, we approach projects that continue to grow in scope even after these 180 years.
When I became the head of this house seven years ago, I knew that there would be challenges and life changes, but I was even more aware of the fact that if the spirit was fearless, the head would be held high. Such spirit and elan have not left me even to this day. And as long as there is creativity, imagination, and courage to make something happen or try something that hasn't been done before, I'm the first in line to participate.
They say that a person goes through several stages in his life and working life. We are now clearly at a stage where proving ourselves is no longer on the agenda. I want us to make the team around us grow together with the program we will make in the best of faith. We waited to show and prove to the world how vital we are in all life's changes, challenges, years, hopes, and joys. We managed to return to the crown of surgery - transplantation, after a successful fight with the coronavirus pandemic. It is a permanent task not only for us but also for the entire country.
MMA is not just a name - it is an expression of identity, inspiration, and originality. Health is the most important protagonist, and health means the existence of our only life. Openness, understanding, and cooperation can and must be bridges that connect, not walls that separate. Looking through this prism our perspective becomes different. That's why MMA is a world and a home for everyone who strives for excellence. A privilege you deserve. We have never been the ones who kept quiet and hid our faces behind our fists and walls. We have always been the ones who move things and stand on the right side of everything. Surrendering, anytime and to anyone, was never our option.
The Military Medical Academy is proud of all its generations of employees, successes, and brave endeavors in the diagnosis and treatment of the most serious diseases of its patients, always ready to progress and work, more and better, transfer knowledge, and learn, to always be in the company of the best.
Expecting that the younger generations, who are growing up in our ranks, will continue to proudly preserve the valuable heritage and build new values, we only have to remember all the successes in which we, together with our predecessors, have participated. Also, we expect only the best results in future work, because MMA deserves it and has been proving it for 180 years.

Head of the Military Medical Academy
Colonel Professor, Dr. Miroslav Vukosavljevic, M.D., Ph.D


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