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22.04.2024 | Top news

MMA surgeons at the International Congress of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Surgeons of the Military Medical Academy participated in the second International Congress of Minimally Invasive Abdominal Surgery - NAISA, held from April 17 to 19, 2024 in Nis.


22.04.2024 | Top news, International Cooperation

The delegation of the Academy of Medical Sciences at the Congress of Military Medicine

Head of the Military Medical Academy, Colonel Prof. Dr. Miroslav Vukosavljević, and colleagues participated in the 6th Pan-European Congress of Military Medicine held from April 16 to 19, 2024 in Athens, Republic of Greece.


16.04.2024 | Top news

Minister Vučević and General Mojsilović visit an injured member of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade at MMA

Minister of Defence Miloš Vučević and Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Gen. Milan Mojsilović visited today the injured member of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade, Staff Sergeant Branko Vojvodić, who was admitted to the Military Medical Academy after suffering serious injuries while performing water landing into the Danube-Tisza-Danube Canal from a helicopter at the Orešac Military Complex.


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