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13.07.2016 | Top news

New Class of Cadets at the Military Medical Academy

The admission of the eighth class of cadets in the integrated academic studies MMA Faculty of Medicine of the University of Defence in Belgrade was held at the Military Medical Academy.


01.07.2016 | Top news

Editions on Military Medical Services and Infectious Diseases Promoted

In the Ceremonial Hall of the Serbian Central Military Club the two most recent editions of the Media Center "Odbrana": "From the Partisan Medical Service to the Military Medical Corps 1941-1945", by retired Brigadier General doc. Dr Veljko Todorovic and Major General retired prim. Dr Branislav Popovic and "Infectious Diseases in the Serbian People and the Military during the Wars in the 20th Century - activities of the Serbian Military Medical Corps on their Prevention and Treatment," written by Colonel Prof. Dr. Dragan Mikic, Acting Head of the Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases MMA.


01.07.2016 | Top news, International Cooperation

Protocols on Donation by the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Denmark Signed

Mr. Kurt Refsgaard, a representative of the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Denmark, paid a visit to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia hosted by the Directorate for European Integration and Project Management, with a view to continue cooperation on projects with the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.


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19.07.2016 | MMA in the media

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