Military Medical Academy – strong support to Serbia’s health care system

07.11.2020 | Top news

MMA has admitted 60,000 patients since the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic in Serbia.



Minister Stefanović visits military Covid hospitals in Novi Sad and Belgrade

04.11.2020 | Top news

Today, while visiting military hospitals in Novi Sad and Belgrade, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, thanked all the people who fight against Covid-19 day and night, especially doctors, nurses and medical technicians, and pointed out that “it is our duty, as the citizens of Serbia, to help these people”.


uvz covid 1.JPG

Military health care in the fight against Covid-19

03.11.2020 | Top news

Members of the military health care have met the third wave of the Covid-19 infectious disease readily, and proceeded the continuous months-long fight against the pandemic selflessly and bravely, providing assistance to the citizens.



Minister Stefanović visits the injured employee

03.11.2020 | Top news

Tonight, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, visited M.P. (56), the employee of the “Krušik” Valjevo holding corporation, at the Military Medical Academy.



Temporary Covid hospital in “Štark Arena” active again

19.10.2020 | Top news

Due to an increase in the number of Covid-19 patients in our country, the temporary Covid hospital in the Belgrade’s “Štark Arena” is ready again for the admission of patients, as witnessed by the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and the Head of the Military Health Department, Major General Uglješa Jovičić who visited that hospital today.


Novi udar korone (1).JPG

Minister Vulin: Military health care is ready for the new wave of coronavirus

17.10.2020 | Top news

Military health care proved its worth in the first and the second waves of Covid-19. But it will prove it again in the third wave or whenever needed.


gama kamera vma.JPG

MMA Received New Gamma Camera, Scheduling Examinations Starts from Monday

17.08.2020 | Top news

Minister Vulin: The Military Medical Academy got even more modern and better equipped


NR Kina 1672020.JPG

Donation of Medical Equipment from PR China for the Military Health System

16.07.2020 | Top news, International Cooperation

- The Ministry of Defence of the People's Republic of China and Central Military Commission have once again helped our people, our country and the Serbian Armed Forces.


Novi Pazar 1.JPG

The Serbian Armed Forces Set up a Field Hospital in Novi Pazar

04.07.2020 | Top news

Upon the order of the President of Republic and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić, the Serbian Armed Forces set up a military field hospital in Novi Pazar aimed at more efficient fight against the corona virus epidemic whose scale in that town has become rather serious.


Donacija NR Kina 062020 (1).JPG

Donation of members of the medical team from the People's Republic of China to the Military Healthcare Department

02.06.2020 | Top news, International Cooperation

Members of the medical team from the People's Republic of China who are engaged in providing assistance in curbing the Covid-19 epidemic on the territory of the Republic of Serbia have donated today an apparatus for increased removal of secretions from the respiratory tract to the Military Healthcare Department.




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