Institute of Medical Biochemistry

The Institute of Medical Biochemistry represents the unit with the basic activity in the field of general biochemistry, laboratory hematology, coagulation, immunochemistry, and emergency laboratory diagnostics.

Pathology and Forensic Medicine Institute

The Institute as its integral parts has two functional units: the Institute of Pathology and the Institute of Forensic Medicine. Both institutes interact through sharing the same space, personnel and equipment, but due to the different nature of their main activity, they operate as separate organizational units.

Nuclear Medicine Institute

The Institute’s assignments include performing diagnostic and therapeutic methods in nuclear medicine, scientific work in diagnostics, follow up and therapy of diseases of different organs as well as investigation of normal physiological processes and effects of radiation on human organism and education of doctors and medical technicians.

Institute of Blood Transfusion and Hemobiology

The Institute represents the central scientific-research, educational-methodological and transfusiological institution of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Institute of Radiology

It is highly specialized and modernly equipped institute providing services in the field of radiological diagnostics, urgent radiology and radiotherapy in accordance with the highest world standards.

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