Specialist Outpatient Clinic

The MMA’s Specialist Outpatient Clinic has been established as a response to the need for providing more efficient, rationale and higher quality treatment to both military and civilian patient population of the Republic of Serbia, our expatriates living and working worldwide as well as citizens from surrounding countries.

National Poison Control Center

The National Poison Control Center (NPCC) offers medical preventive and therapeutic services to the victims of chemical poisoning. It also deals with the detection and identification of toxic agents in biological material, water, earth and air.

Emergency Department

The MMA’s Emergency Department deals with the examination, diagnosis and management of all emergencies. The Center is open round the clock throughout a year, and is available to all those requiring emergency medical assistance regardless of their status – whether they have civilian or military health insurance coverage, or whether they are national or foreign citizens.

Center for Hyperbaric Medicine

It deals with the therapeutic use of 100% pure oxygen at the pressure greater than 1 atmosphere in a special hyperbaric chamber.

Center for Clinical Pharmacology

The Center is responsible for clinical trials coordination activities at the Military Medical Academy, here including bioequivalence trials.

Section for Prevention and Control of Nosocomial Infections

It is charged with prevention and control of nosocomial infections (NI) in both patients and medical staff of the Military Medical Academy.

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