Center for Clinical Pharmacology
The Center is responsible for clinical trials coordination activities at the Military Medical Academy, here including bioequivalence trials. It directly carries out and participates in introducing new methods for surveying therapeutic drug concentrations in blood and the other body fluids, monitoring and reporting about drug adverse effects to the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia (ALIMS), as well as providing drug product information. This entity also takes part in activities related to the application of pharmacological competences in case of concrete clinical and therapeutic problems while applying methods for pharmacoeconomic evaluation. Center’s employees are active lecturers for the subjects pharmacology and clinical pharmacology organized for students at undergraduate and graduate studies of the MMA Medical Faculty, Belgrade Defence University, adding to that their participation in research projects.
Activities of the Center for Clinical Pharmacology
• Directly carries out clinical trials in its early phases, with a special emphasis on the bioavailability and bioequivalence trials
• Interprets the finding practical importance, received after determining drug concentration in blood and the other tissue fluids
• Organizes and directly participates in the assignments as identification, monitoring, evaluation and reporting on drug adverse effects in the National Pharmacovigilance Centre of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia (ALIMS)
• Provides drug information and activities related to the application of competences in the field of pharmacotherapy and concrete clinical and therapeutic problems which are resolving with the assistance of the other medical specialists through inpatient and ambulatory-outpatient work
• Participates in the work of Drug Commission and Ethics Committee as well as both implementations of Good Clinical Practice guidelines and related national legal regulations valid in realization of drug studies at the Academy and all the knowledge collected in the field of clinical pharmacology
• Introduces pharmacoeconomic evaluation methods, namely, use of budget funds for those medicines and medical devices applied during the interventions, which have been proved as the best the patient’s health condition
• Makes hospital drug listing aimed at rational drug prescription and issue
• Participates in preparing orders, manuals and regulations related to the medicines and medical devices at the Military Medical Academy, while considering national laws, regulations and the other rules determining medicines and medical devices, i.e. their significance for the Academy, therefore implementing them into the MMA regulations
• Organizes and participates in education and innovation of rational pharmacotherapy program knowledge, tailor-made for physicians, pharmacists and the other medical staff at the Military Medical Academy and other military medical institutions through the continuous medical education courses, seminaries, lectures, etc.
MMA’s Information Office:
+381 11 266 11 22, +381 11 266 27 55
Head of the Center: Prof. Viktorija Dragojević-Simić, M.D., Ph.D, Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology
Tel: +381 11 360 87 61

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