Nuclear Medicine Institute
Foundation and development
Lt Col Dr Milovan Antić was founder of the Department for use of Radioistopes in Medicine as a part of Clinic for internal diseases in Military medical academy in 1959. In the year 1969 Department became independent and included the new Laboratory for radioimmunology that was headed by Lt Col Dr Miodrag Odavić. After installation of the first gama camera in 1977 Department was significantly developing and extending its work and in 1979 became Department for nuclear medicine. At the end of 1980 after moving to new location, new equipment and cameras were obtained and working conditions much improved. In the year 1983 department outgrowed to Institute for Nuclear Medicine. In the period 1959-1984 the head of the Institute was Colonel Professor Milovan Antić, 1984-1994 Colonel Professor PhD Miodrag Odavić, 1994-2004 Colonel Professor PhD Stevan Marković, 2004-2019 Professor PhD Boris Ajdinović and now the head is Colonel Assistant Research Professor, MD PhD Dragan Pucar. 
  1. Performing diagnostic and therapeutic methods in nuclear medicine
  2. Scientific work in diagnostics, follow up and therapy of diseases of different organs as well as investigation of normal physiological processes and effects of radiation on human organism
  3. Education of doctors and medical technicians
  1. Head sector
  2. Department for morphologic diagnostics
  3. Department for functional diagnostics
  4. Laboratory for Radioimmunology
In total 18/24 employees, 6 doctors, nuclear medicine specialists (5 PhD, 1 MSc), 1 Electrical Engineer, 1 pharmacyst, 5 senior radiology technicians, 1 senior medical technician, 2 medical technicians, 1 lab technician and 1 administrator.
Diagnostic in vivo examinations (heart, lung, liver, kidney, bone, thyroid etc.) and in vtro methods (evaluation of serum concentration of hormones, tumor markers etc.). Therapy of thyroid gland diseases (hyperthireosis), and policytaemia rubra vera. 
About 5000 in vivo and 500000 in vitro analysis every year. Currently, equipment rebuilding is underway and the number of examinations has been significantly reduced, but the institute's efficiency is expected to return to normal numbers soon. 
Lecturers: Professor PhD Boris Ajdinović, Asisstant Professor PhD Ljiljana Jauković, Assistant research associate PhD Dragan Pucar
Education at the School of Medicine MMA University of Defense, for doctors specialising internal medicine and surgery and students of High medical technician school.
Scientific work
Since foundation of Institute about 1000 works has been published or presented in country or abroad. The Institute organised two domestic nuclear medicine congresses in 1997 and 2001, and one International symposium of immunoscintigraphy and tumour markers in the year 1991. The Institute has two research associates.
MMA’s Information Office: +381 11 2661 122, +381 11 2662 755
Head of the Institute: Col. Assistant Research Professor, MD PhD Dragan Pucar
Tel: +381 11 266 16 47
Administration Office: +381 11 360 86 25

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