Educational Aims and Objectives
The long-term goals of the study program realized at the Medical Faculty, Military Medical Academy, University of Defence, Belgrade are education of the professionals how to deal with medical problems applying analytic methods, how to overcome the research methods as well as how to master diagnostic and therapeutic techniques showing them at the same time how important role has the disease prevention. They also have the opportunity to acquire communication skills and development methods for applied knowledge in the different spheres of medical profession and science. Therefore, the final goals are to include the formation of qualitative medical experts who acquired the top ethical and professional standards thus being completely qualified not only for individual medical practice in primary healthcare protection system but also for carrying out the work of scientific research.
The MMA’s Medical Faculty mission is providing the state-of-the-art medical education for cadets and students by encouraging their work independence and responsibility and their disquisitive spirit. As the models of academic citizens and future experts in different medical areas they will be able to contribute the military healthcare improvement.
The vision of the MMA’s Medical Faculty is to train doctors of medicine up to the standards required for doctors practicing medicine in Europe and the world, and ensure they would be given the same status as their civilian and military colleagues in the country and the world are.

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