Graduate Studies Council
The Council includes 21 members, named by the Teaching-Scientific Council, among them 12 members are the heads of respective Chairs.
The activities of the Graduate Studies Council are the following:
  • Preparation of curriculum suggestions for education and professional improvement;
  • Suggesting the commissions for specialist and subspecialist exams and commissions for PhD thesis evaluation and presentation;
  • Monitoring and analysis of the education and development realization as well as their results, along with proposed measures for their amelioration;
  • Proposing different professional development of MMA’s employees in the country and worldwide;
  • Improving the teaching process related questions;
  • Suggesting the annual work plan in the fields of education and development to the Teaching-Scientific Council.
Within the framework of the Council operates the permanent Commission for PhD thesis conceptual design with the assignment in evaluating the application of scientific method criteria for the reported thesis.
The Council meetings are taking place at least four times a year, or more frequently if needed. Concerning the questions relevant for the activities of Teaching-Scientific Council, the president of the Graduate Studies Council gives the obligatory report and annual work report during the Teaching-Scientific Council sessions.

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