MMA and Its International Cooperative Relations
Military Medical Academy (MMA) has intensive international cooperative occupations in the field of healthcare, collaborating with numerous military and civil medical institutions worldwide. Recognized as the leading institution of that type in the region, it enjoys world-known reputation. The MMA delegates are actively noticed participants in national and international professional meetings, congresses and conferences. MMA medical staff has the opportunity to attend tailored made programs in the most eminent world centers, while some of the world medical experts are appointed as the MMA visiting professors.
Over 40 states, regional, European and international organizations collaborate with the Military Medical Academy. Foreign delegations have numerous reasons for paying the visits to the Military Medical Academy, among them sharing medicine related knowledge and experiences, education and training possibilities for military medical service members, as well as mutual collaboration in peacekeeping missions’ medical teams. Topics of interest usually include treatment, education and scientific-research work, along with unique experiences the MMA employees face to, as war surgery, treatment of injured and diseased in case of mass catastrophes and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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