MMA and SFA: Partners for Top Results

11. 05. 2010

Belgrade, May 11, 2010 – On May 10, 2010, the Protocol on Business Cooperation between the Military Medical Academy and Serbian Football Association (SFA) was signed by the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić and the SFA president, Mr. Tomisalv Karadžić.

Availing himself of that occasion, General Jevtić stressed that those two institutions of national interest had to be partners in the service of safeguarding health, prevention, treatment and training for achievement of top sports results.

‘’At this very moment, our national football team’s intensive preparations for the World Championship tournament are underway. The MMA would support them! Of course, we do not want them to be in a position requiring our medical support. However, if any kind of medical assistance, health check-ups, or provision of medical support is required, the MMA is the right place for that. Signing of Protocol on cooperation would impose on both sides a binding obligation to provide support to each other’’, said the MMA’s head.

Tomislav Karadžić said that Serbian Football Association had signed too many Agreements in the years behind us. ‘’None of those agreements, regardless of financial aspects specified in them, is not worth more than human life. It is, therefore, very important that this specific Protocol we are to sign today should be considered one of the most important agreements we would abide by and value, and, within this partnership framework, the Serbian Football Association would try to increase its commitment to the highest possible level. The health of our representatives and their family members is our obligation; therefore, we are obligated to find such an institution as yours is, since everything the MMA accomplishes surpasses the boundaries of our country, that is European and world’s values’’, said Mr. Karadžić. He added that the Serbian Football Association had already established good relationships with doctors from the Military Medical Academy who were engaged, on a voluntary basis, in providing medical support to various teams, and stressed that this Protocol was the crown of that cooperation. ‘’We’ll do our best to properly accomplish our mission’’, said the SFA president concluding his speech.

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