Strengthening of the MMA’s International Reputation

20. 12. 2009

Belgrade, December 20, 2008. – The international reputation of the Military Medical Academy is becoming increasingly stronger, and its position on the scientific and professional European and world’s map clearly recognizable, what is confirmed by intensive activities and meetings taking place in our institution over recent days.

Advancement of Serbian-Egyptian military medical cooperation (15.12.2009.)

The visit of the Egyptian military attaché, Col. Abdel Hameed Abdel Fatah Abdel Hameed Matwly to Military Medical Academy was a part of the process of enhancing bilateral military medical cooperation agreed upon by the Serbian and Egyptian side.
During the discussions with the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić, the military attaché considered the cooperation between the two Military Medical Services and expressed a particular interest in advanced education and training of their medical personnel at the Academy.

Surgeons from Italy in the visit to the Military Medical Academy (16-17. 12. 2009.)

Four-member surgical team from the Hospital in Florence led by Prof. Dr. Guisto Pignata paid a visit to the Academy. Jointly with doctors from the MMA’s Clinic for General and Abdominal Surgery, they performed two laparoscopic surgeries for rectosigmoidal tumor by Dixon, that allows considerably reduced postoperative stay and faster recovery of the patient. This is the way to extend the Minimally Invasive Surgery Program, which has successfully been carried out in our institution over several years. The guests from Italy shared their professional experiences with our surgeons and reviewed the possibilities of continuing the bilateral cooperation.

Successful recertification of the MMA’s quality standards (14-17.12.2009.)

Joint Greek-Seerbian professional team led by experts of the International Institution of Certification DQS Hellas Ltd. Mr. Fanis Gynos and Mr. Symeon Porykis with their associates conducted the external audit to assess effective implementation of the standards of the Integrated Quality Management System - ISO 9001, Environmental Management System - ISO 14001, Occupational Health and Safety Management System –ISО 18001, and Food Safety Management System- ISО 22000. The thorough audit confirmed that the established Quality Management System is successfully implemented and is constantly being improved and upgraded in all areas of audit –the Military Medical Academy is a giant by its all dimensions, capabilities, capacities, personnel, recognizable for its results even outside the borders of Serbia.

‘The military organization conditions specific balance, hierarchical command system. rank structure and clear adhering to the norms and regulations that are in place in your institution. However, the MMA is an open institution with successfully established professional relationships with public media institutions. The International Standards and Quality Management System are based on those two main postulates such as organization and communications are’, stressed Mr. Gynos at the end of the audit conducted for several days in the sphere of implementation of quality standards at the MMA.
During the talks with the representatives of the highest MMA’s leadership, proposals for further improvement and upgrading of this system were given.

International Seminar on Emergency Military Medicine (18-19.12.2009.)

The cooperation process among the Military Medical Services of Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Turkey conducted within the framework of the Balkan Military Medicine Committee is becoming more and more successful, and our country justifies its position as the full member of that Association. Out of numerous joint activities, the two-day seminar devoted to ‘Emergency Military Medicine’ was the one organized by the. MMA. In addition to the representatives of the Committee member countries, there were military physicians from the Kingdom of Norway participating in the Seminar as special guests. Norway is our strategic partner in international integrations.

The guests present to this event were welcomed and addressed by the MMA’s head, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić. Availing himself of that opportunity, he said that mass catastrophes which include war and terrorism are disasters and cruel reality of the modern times; therefore, from that perspective, cooperation and exchange of experience in the management of medical emergencies is very important. We here, at the Military Medical Academy have qualified experts, who unfortunately due to sad historical circumstances gained reach experience in that sphere, particularly in War Surgery. That is the experience we are willing to share with others for the overall wellbeing , sincerely hoping you wouldn’t need this knowledge so much. Welcome to the Academy!’, said General Jevtić
During the first day, the MMA’s experts presented to the guests their knowledge and experience in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, management of extremity gunshot injuries caused by projectiles of high kinetic energy, treatment of acute abdomen, the use of reconstructive microsurgery in the treatment of tissue defects in war wounds, management of neurosurgical emergencies, war wounds of the chests and facial nerve .

The second day of the Seminar was devoted to the topics covering various areas of Internal Medicine such as diagnosis and treatment of acute renal insufficiency, differential diagnosis of acute arthritis, acute urticaria and angiodema, treatment of acute central nervous system infections and streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, as well as treatment of acute coronary syndrome and endocrinological emergencies.

The guests expressed their satisfaction with delivered lectures and possibilities of establishing comprehensive cooperation with the Military Medical Academy in the areas of treatment, education and training, and joint work on scientific-research projects and tasks in the field of Military Medicine.


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