The Republic of Serbia, a full member of the Balkan Military Medical Committee (BMMC)

17. 06. 2008

Belgrade, June 17 - At the official opening ceremony of the Balkan Military Medical Committee 13th Congress, the Republic of Serbia was admitted to this Association as its full member. In the presence of the MODs representatives and heads of the Armed Forces Medical Services of Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Turkey as well as Albanian and Macedonian representatives attending the ceremony as observes, the head of the Serbian delegation Maj.Gen Prof. Miodrag Jevtic, PhD,  addressing the audience on behalf of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and Military Medical Academy, emphasized that Serbia was ready to give its full medical contribution and share its experiences gained in the field of war surgery, treating polytraumatized patients and mass catastrophes  casualties with others for the benefit of our well-being.

The Congress lasted until June 05, and our delegation was represented by 34 experts in various fields of military medicine who presented their papers in the form of oral and poster presentations, successfully led numerous sessions and panel discussions and took an active part in all medical meetings. Expressing his gratitude and thanks for the inclusion in the Balkan Military Medical Committee, Gen. Jevtic reiterated, at the closing ceremony, that the Congress proved that we, on the Balkans, were also capable of cooperating and sharing with others our knowledge and experience gained in the field of medicine, adding that there were definitely no limits when medicine was concerned and that such cooperation should be enhanced and intensified in the future. He particularly thanked Turkish hosts for high standards applied in organizing the event and presented the head of the Turkish AF Medical Services, Gen. O.N. Ozbahadur with MMA plaque in the name of future cooperation.  

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