Department of Library and Archive Activity
Medical Library
Its main activity includes collecting, supplying and processing source of information, as well as books, magazines and scientific data basis acquisition. The Library also carries out professional training, education and teaching activity on the level of complete institution.
It serves the MMA’s employees, scientific researchers and all the other citizens who have some interest. Along with the establishment of the MMA’s Medical School, University of Defence it becomes faculty library.
Library fund comprises over 42 000 monograph publications, 3 500 master, PhD and specialist thesis, in addition of about 400 new titles each year. It boasts over 1200 scientific biomedical journals in paper form, microfilmed or scanned on CDs, while the supply of magazines reaches the number of 150 titles annually.
The MMA Library exchanges professional literature with Congress library in Washington D.C. as well as with the other academic and medical institutions. It carries out the promotion of new on-line medical databases and continues long and successful collaboration with biomedicine publishers in the country and worldwide.
Medical Archive   
The unit deals with collecting, maintenance, protection, assortment and processing archive and registration materiel from the time of peace and war. Complete fund is on the disposal of researchers and the other military and civilian users showing the interest in.
Archive funds are divided by the materiel origin. The oldest collection represents documentation of Military Medical Service Armed Forces from the time of Principality and Kingdom of Serbia by the year 1941. The second collection is documentation presenting the origins, development and functioning of the medical service in National Liberation War. War archive includes about 35 000 archive units. Finally, the third section of archive fund is Peacetime archive composed of documentation from the period after 1945. Hand archive library enumerates 200 publications among them numerous antique books written by national and international authors.
Head of the Department: Prof. Jasmina Majkić
Tel: +381 11 360 87 09
Medical Library: +381 11 360 87 00

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