Academician General Dr. Gojko Nikolis initiated the establishment of the Institute, on April 15, 1961 by the order of Ivan Gosnjak, State Secretary for National Defence. 
Originally, it operated as independent facility directly submitted to the medical general staff management of Yugoslav People’s Army. As information-documentation center, the role of the Institute was systematic and regular informing medical officers of any important matters concerning news and achievements in the field of national and international medical theory and practice. 
Continuing the tradition of Military Medical Herald (1930-1941), Military Medical Review magazine has been continuously published since 1944. In course of the year 1961, within the framework of the Institute of Military Medical Information and Documentation began to operate the MMA’s library and photo laboratory, in 1969 the Department of Military Medical Service History. In 1978, it is renamed into Military Medical Archive, which remained until the present day. The Institute had also printing office under its rooster which was incorporated since 2005 to the Operations and Billet Department printing medical publications, when needed.
In 1979, the Institute changes its name into the Institute of Military Medical Information and Documentation whilst today title the Institute of Scientific Information receives in 1997.
Although functioning within the MMA’s facility from very beginning, in 1992 it was incorporated by the formation, as a part of the MMA’s Sector for Education and Scientific Research.

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