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PUBLIC CALL for civilian candidates’ admission for academic year 2012/2013.
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Selection of the Candidates
The public call conditions for enrollment for academic year 2011/2012 have been changed regarding the last two years. Due to the military status of the candidates in a civil manner only the citizens of the Republic of Serbia can apply for the enrollment. For the same reasons candidates should complete, after the entrance examination, also a medical check-up procedures aimed at their medical and physical evaluation. The medical check-ups and psychological testing have the elimination character.    
Organization of medical examination, including general health, particular specialized examinations and psycho tests, provides all candidates who do not satisfy the criteria for the professional military admission, the possibility to apply for the other desired faculty. After medical check-up procedure, candidates carry out the physical ability check according to the Rulebook for physical ability check. The activities evaluated within the check-up procedure are following: 60 m run, push ups on the ground (for female candidates), pull-ups with a grip (for male candidates), standing long jump and 2 400 m run. Each sport discipline brings 100 credits to the candidate which makes 400 credits for all disciplines. The total score is multiplied with coefficient 0,0375 and maximum number of credits earned on physical ability check is 15.
The high school general success is ranked in way that average grade of all four classes is multiplied with two (2), (maximally 40 credits), and then multiplied with coefficient 0,625. In that way candidate can obtain maximum 25 credits for the ranking list of the MMA Medical Faculty.
As the member of the Serbian Medical School Union, the MMA Medical Faculty also organizes the entrance examination on the same day and at the same time as all the other Medical Faculties. The candidates in MMA Medical Faculty have the cadet status and pass military expert and military specialist training organized in the time outside the teaching process determined by the accredited curriculum which differ this School from the other university facilities.

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