Undergraduate Integrated Academic Studies of Medicine

Integrated academic study program of medicine is tailored made to analogue program of the estimated European universities having the long tradition in education of medicine doctors. Our basic intentions include the highest standards of teaching process, cadets as the measure of quality and modern skills ranked among the most competent national and regional teaching-scientific institutions.
After studies accomplishment the cadets become doctors of medicine and obtain lieutenant colonels improvement.
To be eligible for admission to graduate program, applicants must meet one of the following conditions: completion of a high school degree either gymnasium or 4-year medical high school. During the election of candidates the score of points obtained through the high school education process and entrance exam as well as the physical ability check-up procedure are counted in. Also, the applicants must respond to the medical criteria required by the education process in military university institutions.
Medical study program comprises of 35 obligatory subjects making the base of the program and 34 offered elective subjects to choose a half on their own social interests.
The curriculum is divided on subjects into 12 semesters with six-year duration, realized through the combination of teaching, exercises, seminars and other forms of theoretical and practical work. The teaching process is advanced and based on interactive work in small groups. Actual number of teachers assigned for theoretical and practical work on the first and second year of studies is 58, including about 90% of physicians working at the Military Medical Academy. Within the curriculum of specific i.e. practical subjects there are teachers engaged from the other medical schools concluded with cooperation contract or already teaching on Military Academy.
The cadets will be actively involved in preparation and presentation of particular topics. Practical training rooms are equipped with sophisticated devices for practical work. Each cadet is assigned a personal mentor (a teacher of the MMA Medical Faculty), to supervise his/her learning process until the completion of his/her program of study. The study program is covered with the ECTS grading scale. For each subject there is number of hours for active work and ECTS-credits determined by the real burden of students. The elaboration of final thesis, at the end of each study program brings him/her 10 ECTS-credits. The complete study program corresponds to 360 ECTS-credits. The subjects’ contents covered with the curriculum are based on the latest knowledge from specific medical branches. The practical work provides the students with various theoretical and practical competences and skills from the conventional subjects.
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