15th Conference of Biochemists

04. 12. 2012

Military Medical Academy was the venue today of the 15th Scientific Conference devoted to the life and work of Professor Dr. Ivan Berkeš while the event organizers were the MMA’s Institute of Medical Biochemistry, Society of Medical Biochemists of Serbia and Serbian Clinical Center’s Institute of Medical Biochemistry.
The attendees were warmly welcomed by the head of the MMA’s Sector of Education and Scientific Research, Col. Prof. Dr. Predrag Romić who pointed out the importance of medical biochemistry for modern diagnostics and effective treatment. He also showed his gratitude for exquisite collaboration between Military Medical Academy and facilities which are traditional patrons of this scientific meeting.
Organizational board of the Conference represented by Prof. Dr. Nada Majkić-Singh, executive director of the Society of Medical Biochemists of Serbia, Prof. Dr. Zorica Vujić, dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade and Prof. Svetlana Ignjatović, director of the Institute of Medical Biochemistry, Clinical Center of Serbia reminded all guests on history and origins of medical biochemistry in Serbia and Prof. Dr. Ivan Berkeš as its founder. The Scientific Fund "Profesor Ivan Berkeš" presented recognitions to the best students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.
The scientific part of the program brought together a great number of biochemists from Serbia along with the guest from Turkey, Prof. Dr. Nuray Ulusu on behalf of the Medical School, University of Ancara who presented the most recent accomplishments in the field of medical biochemistry. On this occasion, the attendees had the opportunity to see new publication by Prof. Dr. Nada Majkić-Singh titled "Clinical enzimology".

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