41st anniversary of the opening of the MMA building

20. 10. 2022

Today, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the 41st anniversary of the opening of the MMA building was celebrated with a broadcast of archival footage of the construction of the building and a photo exhibition of memories from the time of moving into the MMA building on Banjički Vis.
In the address of the head of the Department for General and Joint Affairs of the MMA, Colonel Nenad Đurić, titled "New MMA - from idea to realization", presented the construction of the new MMA facility, which began in 1972. The design of the new MMA building in Belgrade began at the end of 1973, and construction work began in July 1975 and lasted until October 1981. He also said that in certain phases of construction, depending on the dynamics of the works, there were 2,000 workers of various professions and qualifications at the construction sites. He pointed out that there were few examples where virtually all types of health activities were integrated in one health facility, and that the task of designing such a facility was a great challenge for the authors to apply appropriate methods and solutions, which would enable a very diverse and complex content to be shaped into one facility and thus satisfy numerous requirements and conditions.
Head of MMA, colonel prof. Dr. Miroslav Vukosavljević said that the year 2022 brings back the enthusiasm characteristic of the MMA and that the building has retained the status of an institution to be admired. He pointed out that he remembered his first steps in this "four-leaf clover" and that he is proud that he knows all its kilometer-long corridors, that he knows how to use the "small" and "southern" elevators without hesitation, and finally, that the feeling of belonging to a large system like MMA still considers as prestigious. He added that "because of all the generations whose careers are woven into these 14 floors, he considers it his duty to express his emotions because the spirit of the tradition, even if it lasted for 178 years, should be maintained in the same capacity." He emphasized that on this occasion he would not to talk about plans because today's occasion deserves praise for people "from the shadow", for those whose work is not often mentioned even in the media, and without whose involvement the MMA would not have the opportunity to continue to be a unique health institution at the service of all citizens of our Republic of Serbia, but that the "Energy efficiency of the MMA building" project under the auspices of the Ministry of Mining and Energy is going according to plan, so we expect the start of work soon and the restoration of the old-new splendor of the MMA.
At today's ceremony, special awards were presented to retired lieutenant colonel, architectural engineer and member of the integral working group for equipping the MMA, Nenad Mikić, who donated a private archive of memories from the time of the construction of the MMA, and to the real estate management officer in the Infrastructure Department of the Logistics Sector of the MMA to construction engineer Željko Pavlović for his special dedication to the service within the Department of Logistics of the MMA.

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