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06. 05. 2010

Belgrade, May 06, 2010 – The 12th May, the International Nurses Day was marked this year by traditional event bringing together MMA’s medical nurses and technicians and former head nurses of our institution, the highest MMA’s representatives lead by the MMA’s head, Major General, Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić and deans and principals of higher education institutions and nursing schools in our country.

‘To be a medical nurse is a unique profession that embodies and demands the best in humans - love, humanity and dedication to the vocation. A medical nurse should be a person capable of understanding and successful coping with human sufferings, health challenges and ethic dilemma. Success in the nursing profession does not depend only on her humanity, professionalism and capability of operating advanced technology; it also depends on continuous education of medical nurses. Modern nursing places proper education as a priority of professional life of medical nurses. Today, nursing is more and more observed as a discipline based on a recognizable program of action. Some consider it as a calling, some as a scientific discipline or profession which eventually got its legal status’, said General Jevtić in his address to the MMA’s medical nurses and technicians present to that occasion. Highly recognizing the work and immeasurable contribution medical nurses made to delivering quality patient care, important role of caregiver they had to play, results they achieved, as well as having in mind an enormous workload of nurses, General also stressed that the MMA’s Management was putting great efforts to improve the standard of medical nurses and technicians. ‘’Public Health Service in Serbia, as well as the future of nursing depends the most on well trained and educated medical nurses. The Military Medical Academy is taking large steps in that direction as well through investments into continuous medical education of medical nurses and tecnicians’’ said General Jevtić and wished the MMA’s medical nurses and technicians a lot of success in their future work.

The 12th May is celebrated as the International Nursing Day to commemorate the birth of Florence Nightingale, a heroine who, after the end of the Crimean War during which she was actively involved by bringing care to the wounded and sick soldiers, as soon as she returned home to England, established her renowned school of nursing and devoted her whole life to the fight for improving and advancing nursing profession. Therefore, a considerable part of the Nursing Day celebration ceremony taking place at the Military Medical Academy was devoted to the portrait and work of Florence Nightingale.
On this occasion, the MMA’s head awarded 27 medical nurses and technicians, whilst the AF civilian employee Mrs. Svetlana Rakićević from the MMA’s Gastroenterology Clinic was selected the Nurse of the Year.  

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