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Meeting of Nephrologists at MMA

17. 04. 2015

The regular meeting of Nephrology Section of the Serbian Medical Society, organized by the Nephrology Clinic of the Military Medical Academy was held at the MMA. The meeting was opened by the President of the Nephrology Section prof. Dr. Zoran Kovacevic and Head of the Nephrology Clinic Col. prof. Dr. Dragan Jovanovic.
Lectures on anemia in patients on peritoneal dialysis and in post transplanted period were given by Dr. Dejan Pilcevic and Col. Dr. Milorad Radojevic, while Assistant Professor Dr. Violeta Rabrenović and Dr. Svetlana Antic spoke on renal damage in multiple myeloma and biclonal gammopathy. During the event, in addition to the results of the clinical trials at the international level, current research and experiences of MMA’s nephrologists were discussed.

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