Activities Conducted on the MMA’s Day

03. 03. 2012

At the AF Club, on the occasion of the Day of the Military Medical Academy, the MMA’s Melanoma Center organized free preventive exams of the skin with the aim of early detection of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer.

The early detection of skin tumors is important for better prognosis of patients, and according to the engaged physicians at the AF Club, the response of the citizens exceeded all expectations. During yesterday’s campaign, over 300 people were scanned, so that campaign would be most probably organized once more in the near future.

Melanoma is a malignant tumor of the skin cells, and preventive protection is the best way to prevent its occurrence. In addition to avoiding unnecessary exposure to the sunlight, the MMA’s physicians recommend wearing sun-protective clothing, hats and sun glasses with the UV protection, application of sunscreen creams, a regular skin self-exam, and visits to a dermatologist as well as avoiding solarium exposure.

The Sports Center of the Military Gymnasium and the Sports Center of the Serbian Football Association in Stara Pazova hosted traditional man’s football tournaments that took place on the occasion of the MMA’s Day. The MMA’s team of logisticians won first place.
On the same occasion, the MMA’s delegation laid a wreath at the memorial at the entrance of the MMA’s Diagnostic Outpatient Clinic. 

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