Activities of the MMA’s Poison Control Center

26. 11. 2010

Belgrade, November 26, 2010. – The MMA’s Poison Control Center is the only referal  center in the country for diagnosing and therapeutic treatment of acute poisoning. In addition to the Treatment Service, it  is a highly qualified institution in the country responsible for providing IT support to both medical personnel and patient population of our country and its  surrounding areas. The experts from the Center provide physiscians from the healthcare facilities in Serbia, Montengro and the Republic of Srpska information on toxicity of chemicals, effects on human health and environment, clinical picture and the treatment modalities.
An important segment of the Center’s activities is education it offers in the field of toxicology and toxicological chemistry, what makes this Center recognizable in our country and the region as well. Cooperation within that area has been established with numerous research national institutions, such as Belgrade Schools of Medicine and Pharmacology in the first place.

Within the framework of the  Serbian Ministry of Defence cooperation with international organizations, the MMA’s  Poison Control Center have, for three years already, actively been involved in running the MMA’s Education Program, meant and tailored to satisfy the OPCW needs, and provide their inspectors  with theoretical and practical knowledge in a variety of  medical fields. These days, the third cycle of education   is about to  end. 
The Center enjoys a recognizable professional reputation in the region and the world, what is confirmed by intensive and continuous cooperation and communication. A part of those cooperative activities was the visit of the Czech Armed Forces experts and internists from the Skoplje Toxiclogy Clinic paid to the MMA’s Poison Control Center, during which the guests were briefied about the Center’s experiences  with the organization, work and other numerous activities. There is aslo a Mobile Toxicological-Chemical Team operating within the framework of the Center,  prepared for rapid response and activated in cases of chemical accidents.
Experts from the Center are also involved in the work on numerous scientific projects at both national and international  levels. Recently, there was a two-day Seminar held under the auspice of the Republic of Serbia Ministries of Agriculture, Forestry and Water. It was closely connected with the Serbian-Britain Project on Accomodation of national  regulations governing the registration and control procedures of plant protetcton products with the EU  legislation  and the Implementation of new laws and regulations as well. The activities and capabilities of the MMA’s Poison Control Center along with its achieved results were presented  at the Seminar by Prof.  Dr. Slavica Vučinić.

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