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Advancement of thoracic surgery MMA

28. 09. 2023

At the Clinic for Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery of the Military Medical Academy, a robotic stapler device was used for the first time during a lung resection procedure (right lower lobectomy).
A forty-two-year-old patient suffering from synoviosarcoma was operated on and was discharged in good health for further recovery at home.
The decision to use the most modern "smart" instrument in the MMA was made following the modern business of health centers in the world. The robotic stapler device makes the operation more precise because the possibility of choosing angles when placing the instrument and tissue approximation is brought to the most advanced level. As with other minimally invasive surgical procedures, in which the MMA Thoracic Surgery Clinic is the leader in the country, this method enables a tissue-saving approach, faster patient recovery, fewer hospital days and less possibility of postoperative complications.
The thoracic surgeons of the MMA, as pioneers of modern video-assisted surgery in Serbia with many years of experience, are professionally trained thanks to the international training and training of doctors in the field of thoracic robotics.

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