Analysis of the MMA’s Operational Capability in the Year 2012

01. 02. 2013

At the regular annual meeting held at the Military Medical Academy on February 1, 2013 the MMA’s operational capability in the past year was analyzed and plans for the current year were presented.
The MMA’s head Brigadier General Prof. Dr. Marijan Novakovic pointed out the MMA results in 2012, such as 50 percents more outpatient examinations and ambulatory operations performed in the Specialist Outpatient Clinic comparing to the last year. Thus, one of the set task and world trend was realized, i.e. reduce the number of hospitalizations and increase the number of diagnostic and operative procedures in day surgery conditions.
Evident improvement has been achieved in each of 27 clinics, 17 institutes and centers including new techniques, modern technology, new staff and strength, as well as education and training programs tailor made for the MMA’s medical staff.
The capacities of surgical intensive care units have been expanded with 8 beds for cardiosurgery patients and those attending transplantation programs; it has been installed and set in motion a multislice computed tomography (CT) scan for conformal radiotherapy patients suffering from malignant tumors, along with seven state-of-the-art ultrasound equipments designated for the needs of cardiology, endocrinology, gynecology, urology and neurology clinics. The Military Medical Academy was also awarded the ISO Quality Management System recertification.
Concerning the education, the fourth generation of cadets enrolled to the MMA’s Medical School whilst military doctors are going to start a residency period at the Military Medical Academy. Twenty five civilian doctors started their specialist studies and 239 persons attended different medical specializations during 2012. Due to representing one of the Academy’s daily activities, the 191 continuous medical education programs have been realized in 2012.
In late December, the action of donor cards signing was marking its 10th anniversary. So far, in Serbia, there are more than 80 000 signers of the donor cards. In 2012, 29 kidney transplants (15 live-donor and 14 cadaveric-donor) along with 2 liver transplantations were performed at the Military Medical Academy.
The international cooperation was marked by its intensity this year, as well. Beside successful organization of Balkan Military Medical Committee Congress, it has been achieved collaboration with numerous countries and international organizations.
There were organized two free-of-charge campaigns for citizens. 1000 women have been examined within the MMA’s action "Three Minutes that Can Save Your Life" which included free Pap test and digitalized computer colposcopy. During the MMA’s campaign of early melanoma and other skin changes detection 210 patients have been examined, whilst 17 have had changes of moles demanding surgical removal or pathohistological analysis because of malignancy doubt.
As one of the most significant tasks for 2013 remains a continuous quality improvement in the field of medical service and patient communication, said General Novakovic.
Achieved results and action plans projected for the future were discussed by the head of Military Health Care Department Colonel Prof. Dr. Zoran Popovic, head of the Belgrade Center of Military Medical Facilities Col. Dr. Dusko Ristivojevic, head of the Nis Military Hospital Col. Dr. Radisa Vitas, head of Military Medical Center in Novi Sad Col. Dr. Bratislav Brkljaca. The meeting was also attended by acting deputy head of the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) Dr. Zlatko Beslagic, deputy director of the NIPH branch office for the city of Belgrade Dr. Leposava Pantic and representatives of Defence Ministry and Serbian Armed Forces relevant departments.

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