Analysis of the MMA’s operational capability

05. 02. 2009

 Belgrade, February 5 - The MMA’s operational capability and defence preparedness for 2008 were analyzed at the regular annual meeting held at the Military Medical Academy. The meeting was attended by the MMA head and members of the Management Board, heads of the MMA organizational units and representatives of MoD relevant departments.

MMA Deputy Head Prof. Nikola Filipović, MD,PhD assessed that the Military Medical Academy had fulfilled all the goals set in 2008, and that all accomplished activities were carried out effectively and within the anticipated time frames.

The Head of the Sector for Preventive Medicine, Col. Mladen Milivojević, MD said that by purchasing new equipment to replace the used up and old one and through regular and timely supply, this Sector would continue to follow the hygiene-epidemiological situation in the Armed Forces of Serbia, control the sources of ionizing radiation, investigate working environment within the AF units and installations and to provide preventive-medical support to individuals and events as well.

Acting Head of the Treatment Sector, Col. Assist. Prof. Zoran Hajduković informed the audience that about 77,17% of the MMA’s bad capacity was filled in 2008 and that 33.705 patients (12.623 military and 21.082 civilian pts.) were admitted to the Military Medical Academy for hospital treatment during that year. The average hospital treatment was 9,54 days. The total of 23.715 of surgical procedures were performed, 11.827 of which were carried out in the Operating Block and the other 11.888 surgeries in the Same Day Surgery Center. The Emergency Room visits reached the number of 36.884 in 2008. Col. Hajduković referred also to new medical achievements in the field of surgery, internal medicine, neuropsychiatry and other branches of medicine as well.

The Head of the Pharmacy Institute Prof. Mirjana Antunović, MD, PhD said that the Institute of Pharmacy is the main responsible for medical supply within the MMA. She pointed out problems the Institute was facing in its everyday practice which mostly related to furnishing, adaptation and reconstruction of the Institute and problems relating to the operation of the Institute caused by delays in medical supply due to administration obstacles.

In the course of 2008, the MMA medical staff members participated in 144 international and 128 national medical congresses and scientific conferences. There were 15 medical professionals sent to world educational centres for advanced training purposes.

Prof. Mirjana Životić-Vanović, MD, PhD, the head of the Sector for Education and Scientific- Research Work stated that 23 master’s theses and 3 doctoral dissertations were defended in this institution adding that 58 statements, 10 papers published in national and 26 in international magazines, two monographs and seven chapters in the books derived from scientific-research projects MMA members were working on during the last year.

As strategic goals of the Sector for 2009, Prof. Vanović mentioned harmonization in National Higher Education System , completion of accreditation for higher education institution in the Republic of Serbia, accreditation of scientific-research programs and establishment of the Medical Veterinary Training Center.

The head of the Morale and PR Department Dr Elizabeta Ristanović said that, during 2008, there were 3.921 articles on MMA published in public media, that is, 86.27% more than in the previous year. Out of that number, 3.132 articles were published in print and 789 in electronic media. According to the analyses, the number of negatively tuned articles was less than 2%. As for daily newspapers publishing MMA-related articles, the evening daily Večernje Novosti published the largest number of them. The daily Politika and Blic followed with 9% and the daily Pres and Glas with 7% of articles. As for print periodicals, the largest number of articles on MMA was published in the magazine Odbrana (Defence). As far as electronic media is concerned, there were 30% of MMA-related newscasts on the RTS First Program, 15% on TV B92, 13% on TV Foks and 12% on TV Pink. Among the local media, RTV Studio B led with 46% of news broadcasted on MMA. Since June 18, 2008 until January 18, 2009, 89.379 site visitors i.e. 412 per day from 116 countries of the world visited the MMA web site. The most viewed web pages were those relating to news, Outpatient Diagnostic Clinic, Groups of Surgical and Internal Medicine Clinics, Plastic Surgery Clinic, Eye Clinic and Dentistry Clinic.

According to analyses carried out, the head of the Logistic Sector Col. Vule Aleksić, said that there were 36 000 devices at the Academy, out of which 96% were in proper order. Technical-technological renewal and upgrading of medical equipment, the Hospital-Information System and the MMA infrastructure were also underway.

The morale and security situation at the Military Medical Academy was assessed to be satisfactory.

As the focal activities of the Military Medical Academy for the next period, the MMA head Major General Prof. Miodrag Jevtić, Ph.D. mentioned accomplishment of assigned missions and improvement of the quality of work, better standard of its employees and technical-technological renewal and equipping of MMA.

Main tasks included medical support to the ‘’Universiade 2009’’ and the implementation of ISO standards as well. In the following period, the focus would be also put on further functional integration of MMA into the National Public Health System, National System of Education and Scientific-Research, improvement of material status of MMA’s employees and strengthening of its international position.

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