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Annual Assembly of the MMA Laryngectomee Club

06. 10. 2014

Military Medical Academy hosted the annual assembly of the MMA Laryngectomee Club.
The meeting was officially opened by Lt. Col. Dr. Ljubomir Pavicevic from the MMA Clinic for ENT who benefited from this opportunity to emphasize the significance of this type of association, not only to the laryngectomized patients but also their family members. He pointed out that already existing assistance provided immediately after the surgical procedure has a large contribution to the further follow-up especially dealing with the questions of life quality and challenges in everyday activities.
The attendees presented the activities this social and therapeutic group founded last year has realized so far as well as plans for the further development and support during the patient’s rehabilitation process. Topics included also the multidisciplinary treatment approach; social and psychological help in all phases the patient is confronted with the disease, patient’s rights and possibilities to enjoy certain privileges and adapt to the important life changes.
Professional team making the MMA Laryngectomee Club beside the ENT specialists is also comprised of its "conceptual founders" namely defectologist-logoped Radmila Cvorovic and Suzana Mosesku graduated social worker from the MMA Specialist Outpatient Clinic, then Dr, Natasa Ilic, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and Branka Milosevic, senior physiotherapist from the MMA Clinic for physical medicine and rehabilitation assisted also by psychologist Ana Busarac, from the MMA Outpatient Clinic for Children.

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