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Artistic Works of MMA patients at Art Brut Balkans Salon

28. 06. 2017

Artistic works of patients of the daily hospital of the MMA Psychiatric Clinic will be presented at this year's Art Brut Balkans Salon, which will be held from 23 to 30 June 2017 in the Gallery Stab, the Children's Cultural Center in Belgrade and the premises of the MMA Psychiatry Clinic.
The Art Brut Balkans Salon was founded in 2016 in Belgrade and represents a long-term project of the Art Brut Serbia Association and Gallery Stab in order to gather and present the artistic creation of people from the Balkans part of Europe who do not participate in an active social and cultural life due to their own will or psychophysical impossibility.
The cooperation of the Art Brut Serbia Association and the MMA started in 2015 by involving interested and talented patients in artistic and psychological workshops and further development of their creativity, while the art therapy has been introduced in 1989 in the regular practice of the MMA Psychiatry Clinic.
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