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Awards Granted for Best Work of the Year

29. 07. 2016

On the occasion of 30th of July - the Day of the Military Medical Services, awards were granted for the best work of the year published in the field of medical sciences.
A Commission for the selection of the best work of the year - a publication of special importance for the military medical services, profession and science in general – awarded two recognitions. The first award was given to the Head of the Institute of Transfusion and Chemobiology MMA Professor Dr. Bela Balint, one of the authors of the publication "Bioengineering and Cancer Stem Cell Concept", while Professor Dr. Predrag Aleksic and Doc. Dr. Vladimir Bancevic from the Urology Clinic MMA were rewarded for the work of "Creating a new bladder from part of the small intestine - Belgrade techniques".
The monograph of the international importance of the authors Prof. Dr. Mirjana Pavlovic and Prof. Dr. Bela Balint is dedicated to the new methodology for the identification and purification of stem cancer cells. The book describes critical metabolic pathways in them, their genetic and epigenetic mechanisms with the aim of highlighting the diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic aspects of the implementation of targeted oncology therapies. In the publication of Prof. Dr. Aleksic and Doc. Dr. Bancevic the original surgical technique to create neobladder stating the conditions for its implementation, the performing method and postoperative management of patients were presented.
Members of the committee who reviewed potential candidates guided by the criteria of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia were the Dean of the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy, University of Defence in Belgrade Colonel Prof. Nebojsa Jovic, Head of the Institute of Medical Research MMA Prof. Dr. Zvonko Magic and Head of the Institute of Scientific Information MMA Prof. Dr. Silva Dobric.
Biographies of awarded authors
Professor Dr. Bela Balint, a corresponding member of the SASA from 2010 is a Head of the Institute of Transfusion and Chemobiology MMA. He is a Professor of the Faculty of Medicine MMA and a scientific advisor of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. He is a professor emeritus at numerous colleges and a regular member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the SMS His scientific-research work includes over 800 published professional and scientific papers, of which half relates to papers published in full in peer-reviewed journals, 19 scientific monographs, leadership and participation in scientific projects, as well as tutoring for a number of master's and doctoral theses. Prof. Balint is a founder and president of the National Association for interdisciplinary apheresis treatment and a research in the area of improving protocols for collecting ex vivo treatment and monitoring of the effects of the therapeutic use of stem cells are significantly important.
Prof. Dr. Predrag Aleksic, a specialist in urology and a subspecialist in oncology is currently the Acting Head of the Urology Clinic MMA and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine MMA. He has published over 90 papers, of which dozens in SCI indexed journals, he is a member of the large number of national and international associations of urologists and has participated in a scientific project "Modifications of techniques creation of orthotopic intestinal reservoir for urine after radical cystectomy."
Assistant Professor Dr. Vladimir Bancevic completed his residency in urology in 2007 at the MMA, and his doctorate was declared the most successful at MMA in 2012. He has published about 100 scientific papers in distinguished journals, of which about 20 in SCI indexed journals. He has participated in numerous national and urological conferences and meetings, he is an Assistant Professor at the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy and a member of many national and international associations of surgeons and urologists.

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