Awards for the best scientific works in the field of defense

19. 04. 2023

The ceremony of awarding the Ministry of Defense's annual best scientific research and doctoral work in the defense system, announced during the past year, was held today in the House of the Serbian Armed Forces.
State Secretary in the Ministry of Defense Mile Jelić presented awards to Colonel Asst. Dr. Ivan Pokrajac for the best scientific research project "Investigation of the possibility of combating drones and unmanned aerial vehicles" and military officer Dr. Milica Rajović from the Military Medical Academy for the best doctoral dissertation "The influence of clinical-pathological characteristics of primary melanoma of the skin and immunobiological parameters of metastatically altered sentinel lymph nodes on the course and the outcome of the disease".
Congratulating the award winners and welcoming the guests, the head of the Directorate for Strategic Planning of the Defense Policy Sector, Colonel Slaven Vujić, pointed out that such events are an opportunity to remind people who, through their scientific and research work, made an exceptional contribution to the progress of the Serbian Armed Forces.
- I especially want to use this opportunity and mention that in this way we want to honor all those who have contributed to the work, including our today's awardees, who gave their selfless contribution and invested a lot of effort for the benefit of the development of the defense system of the Republic of Serbia and our state as a whole. At the same time, it is an opportunity to thank their families for the selfless support they provided in their work - said Colonel Vujić.
On that occasion, he emphasized the importance of relying on one's own knowledge at the time of modern economic and energy challenges, risks and threats.
- Not once, but more than once in our history, the facts confirmed that the basis for the defense of the country was the potential of our country, which was exactly in the minds of our people. Our country, the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces have the capacity to independently develop very sophisticated and complex means, weapons and military equipment. This is supported by the results of our exceptional experts who contributed. These awards come as a form of recognition for the dedicated work you have been putting in over the years and gratitude for the fact that you have decided to remain loyal to the homeland and the citizens of Serbia - said Colonel Vujić and added that the most important resource in every organization and in the Serbian Army is the people.
Colonel Asst. Dr. Ivan Pokrajac, an engineer at the Military Technical Institute, as the leader of the team that received an award for researching the possibility of combating drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, pointed out that it was a pleasure for every scientific worker to receive recognition for his work.
- This topic is very important. We are witnessing that drones play a major role in today's combat operations. Therefore, our army should be equipped with adequate systems for countermeasures, that is, for the fight against drones. The project itself is disciplined, as it requires the engagement of several different sensors. Through the realization of the prototype itself, we will perfect the current research results we have and equip the Serbian Armed Forces with adequate means - said Colonel Assoc. Dr. Pokrajac.
The winner of the Annual Award for the best doctoral dissertation is military officer Milica Rajović, Ph.D., who defended her work at the Faculty of Medicine, MMA, University of Defense. She pointed out that it is a wonderful feeling to be in front of the team that participated in the scientific research project started in 2010.
- Our research has contributed to the fact that we can assess which patients benefit from either surgery or systemic therapy. I am practically leading a large team of pathologists, immunologists, dermatologists, surgeons, radiotherapists, radiologists, so we are all involved in a big project. We are one big institution that has everything under one roof and that is our biggest advantage when it comes to science. We can gather all the specialists within five minutes and do everything that is needed. Simply, that's the organizational system and it's really a pleasure to work and deal with science in such a system - pointed out Dr. Rajović.
By the decision of the Minister of Defense on the conditions for awarding the Annual Award for the best scientific research project and doctoral dissertation in the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces, it was established that the Annual Award is awarded on the occasion of the Day of the Serbian Armed Forces.
The ceremony was attended by Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Nebojša Nikolić, Assistant Minister for Budget and Finance Katarina Pavičić, Rector of the University of Defense Brigadier General Boban Đorović, Head of the Logistics Directorate (J-4) Major General Srđan Petković and Head of the Public Relations Directorate Brigadier General Assoc.. Dr. Mihailo Zogović.

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