Book "Acclimatization to Extreme Conditions" and Film "Prevention of Natural Focal Infections in the Serbian Armed Forces" Solemnly Presented

02. 04. 2015

/Central Military Club was the venue of the MMA Medical Faculty manual "Acclimatization to extreme conditions" by Prof. Dr. Sonja Radakovic, Head of the Preventive Medicine Sector MMA and documentary teaching film "Prevention of natural focal infections in the Serbian Armed Forces”, script written by Colonel Prof. Dr. Radovan Cekanac, Assistant Head MMA.
Offering a warm welcome to distinguished guests coming from the Defence University, Military Academy, Military Medical Academy and all people passionate for medical literature, heads of MMA and Media Center "Odbrana", all institutions which supported the book and film realization, Colonel Professor Dr. Zoran Segrt, MMA Acting Head and Colonel Stevica Karapandzin stressed out the importance of pieces media presentation deserving special attention with their content and selected topics to not only present and future medical workers, but much wider reading public.
-We are speaking about works representing the result of wide scientific-research work of already proven authors known for more than hundred scientific papers, published in local and international medical editions and journals, said Colonel Segrt, while Colonel Karapandzin presented an ambitious plan of Media Center "Odbrana" editing activity which will be realized until the end of this year where, beside historiography publications, an important place is reserved for the publications in the field of military literature.
Book "Acclimatization to extreme conditions" by Prof. Dr. Sonja Radakovic was discussed by its reviewers Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jakovljevic, from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Kragujevac, Prof. Dr. Milica Ninkovic from the MMA Medical Faculty, University of Defence and Dr. Zoran Jevtic, Professor at the Faculty of Security Studies, Belgrade. Emphasizing the fact that manual "Acclimatization to extreme conditions" represents very valuable scientific work fighting against ambient stress, inseparable part from military profession and non-comfortable conditions in which military tasks are performed, Dr. Ninkovic recommended the aforementioned publication to wider public which has very interesting content and uncommon presentation thus deserves the reader’s attention.
-Extreme conditions are something usual for the army, said Dr. Zoran Jevtic.
-During the task performance in no matter of which of three missions army members are placed very often in uncomfortable, emergency conditions, during the wartime, in peacekeeping operations and missions or in case of providing help and consequences removal in natural disasters. Army could not choose in which conditions it will perform its tasks. Exactly here relies the importance of Dr. Sonja Radakovic’s research who partly completed theoretic space in the sphere she deals with.
Documentary film "Prevention of natural focal infections in the Serbian Armed Forces" presents two epidemiological diseases becoming stronger with climate change and global warming, that is Lyme disease and hemorrhagic fever whose carriers or reservoirs are ticks and rodents. It has been produced by "Zastava film" and recorded at the polygon "Pasuljanske livade" as well as in the Medical Wards of Military Medical Academy.
At the event’s end, the guests also had opportunity to hear the author of presented manual "Acclimatization to extreme conditions" Dr. Sonja Radakovic and movie author Colonel Dr. Radovan Cekanac.

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