Celebration of the International Nurses Day – Selected Nurse of the Year at MMA

12. 05. 2011

12th of May, the International Nurses Day was marked this year as well a the Military Medical Academy by traditional event, and aside from MMA’s medical nurses and technicians and former head nurses of this institution, this event was also attended by the MMA’s head, Colonel Prof. Dr. Marjan Novaković with members of Administration.
At the opening of this event, head nurse of MMA, military officer Verica Milovanović thanked the Chief and the MMA Administration for their sincere support in organization of the celebration of the International Nurses Day, and she greeted the present party on behalf of her profession which represents the pillar of the health system, and which gave great contribution to the work of this establishment and its accomplishments. She emphasized that nurses have the right to be proud of the establishment in which they are working, and that the establishment can be proud of the nurse potential it has. 
She reminded the present party of the years of work in which nurses gained their knowledge and skills for generations, and with joint efforts they managed to overcome all the problems and challenges in providing for the patients’ needs in a highly professional and expert manner, because they are aware that good and quality health care is the right of all patients, and of their responsibility and significance in this.
She emphasized that even with great engagement in their work, nurses work on their constant professional development and improvement. That is why MMA can say today that, aside from nurses with college education, it has around 20 nurses with university education and over 60 nurses and technicians with highly professional title. In this never-ending process of acquiring knowledge and skills in almost all medical sectors in the nurses’ profession, nurses selflessly shared their knowledge with the younger generations, and they shared their experiences with their colleagues in the country and abroad.
According to Mrs. Milovanović, the International Nurses Day is also the opportunity when the best nurse is selected among the best ones, so she gave the honor to promote the Nurse of the Year to the Chief of MMA. After greeting the present party, with a brief overview of the nurses as a profession and the tradition of celebration of the International Nurses Day, the Chief expressed his great satisfaction with the fact that MMA has a good quality nurses staff which is capable of dealing with all the demands and challenges of the nurses profession with its humane nature primarily, and with its great professionalism in work and loyalty to their call. He wished them that they continue to work on their professional development and improvement with the same enthusiasm, thus giving their contribution and quality more to health care and treating of patients.
He emphasized that the MMA Administration, aware of the burden, significance and results of their work, will continue to offer them all the necessary assistance and support.
At the end of his speech, the Chief awarded 15 nurses and medical technicians of MMA regarding the International Nurses Day, with appropriate awards, and military officer Bojana Jovanović, highly qualified nurse from the Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, was promoted as the Nurse of the Year.
The ceremony ended with a documentary on the first Serbian hospitals and with an appropriate cocktail party.

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