Coal-miners from Ugljevik donated blood at the MMA

16. 04. 2009

Within the framework of cooperation between the MMA’s Institute of Transfusiology with the Voluntary Blood Donors Association of the Republic of Srpska, 48 miners from the coal mine in Ugljevik voluntarily donated blood at the Military Medical Academy.
However, the Federation of Voluntary Blood Donor Organizations organized, on several occasions and in close collaboration with its associations from Ugljevik, Trebinje, Banja Luka, Bjeljina,  Modriča and other towns in the Republic of Srpska, blood donation campaigns to collect blood for patients hospitalized at the Military Medical Academy.
Thanks to great efforts of the MMA Institute of Transfusiology, 2.567, 240   liters of blood were collected from 4.937 donors in the first quarter of this year. There were 1.884 donors who donated blood at the Institute of Transfusiology, while   the Institute’s Mobile Blood Collection Team collected blood from 3.053 donors within garrisons of the Armed Forces of Serbia. Collection of blood in the field is facilitated due to the fact that, since recently, the Institute holds another new Mobile Blood Collection Vehicle

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