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Collaboration with the University Library

22. 05. 2013

The lecture presenting citation indexes and scientific research evaluation by Aleksandra Popovic, Head of the Sector for Scientific Information and Development, University Library "Svetozar Markovic" took place at the Military Medical Academy, under the organization of the MMA’s Institute of Scientific Research of the Sector for Education and Scientific Research.
Institute’s Head Prof. Dr. Silva Dobric expressed a special gratitude to the University Library employees for their several-year engagement in the field of medical education and informatics, necessary for quality scientific-research work.
The attendees had the opportunity to hear all about biometrics indicators, i.e. indicators of publication quality based on citations, advantages of quoted indexes and their disadvantages as mistakes made during data input into the quoted indexes, considered as the most important. The covered topics also included impact factor i.e. influence factor, Hirsch index- term commonly searched in medical scientific terminology, as well as the steps for searching the topics of interest and magazine categorization before the papers publications.
This professional training for electronic service use, as the source of information and quoted bases in both national and international public, was aimed at representing service qualities and possibilities but also at encouraging young researchers for their independent service use.


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