Colorectal Cancer Treatment

17. 04. 2014

Workshop carrying the title ''Outcomes of Resection and Aims of Treatment for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer'', organized by the MMA Clinic for General Surgery, Clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Institute of Radiology, Pharmacy Sector and Institute of Pathology and Forensic Medicine was held at the Military Medical Academy.
This interactive teaching was attended by different specialists who had the opportunity to see an objective and broaden approach in treating the mentioned malignity as the second by its frequency threatening annually over 3800 people around the world.
Lectures included the importance of screening and early diagnostics, as well as results from practice during the last 15 years and improvements concerning medicament and surgical therapy thus raising the patients’ survival rate. The interested had the opportunity to hear about the treatment strategy for irresectible patients primarily concerning their life quality during all disease stadiums.
Having in mind the fact that 20% - 30% of diagnosed colorectal cancers has liver metastases and due to complete therapy is oriented toward them, and not on primary seat, part of the lecture was dedicated to the complete treatment strategy. Discussion included the limited factors which need to be taken in concern along with the relevant decision-making criteria for metastases resection, which is the reason why only very low percent of cases can be treated surgically, but also the role of all participants in consular decisions.

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