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Commissioning Ceremony for the youngest officers of the Serbian Armed Forces

10. 09. 2016

The youngest second lieutenants of the Serbian Armed Forces have been commissioned today at the ceremony in front of the National Assembly. A number of 158 male and female cadets of the 137th class of the Military Academy were promoted into the first officer rank, including 29 of them from the 2nd class of the Military Medical Academy Faculty of Medicine.
Traditionally, the President of the Republic of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic, presented sabres to the best cadets of the Military Academy – Lazar Stojnic (GPA 9.73 – Military Mechanical Engineering study programme), Jelena Nikolic (GPA 9.60 – Defence Logistics study programme) and Emilija Pesic, (GPA 9.58 – Management in Defence study programme).
When it comes to services, the best one in the Army is Stefan Radonjic (GPA 9.47 – Management in Defence study programme), and in the Air Force and Air Defence, it is Aleksandar Stevanovic (GPA 9.23 – Air Force study programme).
The best ranked cadet at the MMA's Faculty of Medicine is Nemanja Jacimovic (GPA 10), followed by Jadranka Zaric, (9.98) and JelenaKatic (9.96). Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic presented them with parade daggers, while General Ljubisa Dikovic, Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff, presented the most successful cadets of the Army and the Air Force and Air Defence with pistols with inscriptions.
The officer commissioning ceremony was attended, apart from the highest state and military leadership, by representatives of the diplomatic corps, delegations of the armed forces of friendly countries, religious organizations, numerous guests from home and abroad, families and friends of former cadets and numerous citizens.
Congratulating the cadets on their first officer ranks, President of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic, confirmed his faith into their future successful career in the uniform of the Serbian soldier, the uniform that marked its history with glorious victories and achievements in the defence of its country.
- Ever since Serbia has existed, its Armed Forces has had a hard and honourable burden – to preserve the country fighting for freedom and justice against the much stronger evil. Over the centuries full of fateful events, the contribution of the Serbian Armed Forces surpassed all others, and has become so great that now the young generation draw inspiration from it as the inexhaustible spring, always generous in giving examples of humanity, heroism, military honour and human integrity – the President said and pointed out that officers gained their knowledge in the Serbian military schools and that we are proud of this tradition, especially because the military Academy made a huge contribution to the overall development of education in Serbia, almost to the same extent in which the Serbian Armed Forces contributed to the preservation of its freedom.
The President confirmed that today we are proud that our military education establishes new standards and raises them from semester to semester, which reinforces the belief that our future officers at the Military Academy study programmes are educated so as to match their counterparts in other European countries in everything, and even surpass them in many aspects of education.
Addressing the youngest second lieutenants of the Serbian Armed Forces, he said that their initial task will be making decisions on very important parts of everyday life of military collectives to which they will be assigned.
- The first working days on your initial officers' duties will require from you to show how skilled you are and how many virtues necessary for successful work with people you have. It is you and the relationships that you establish with the unit, that the execution of the task will largely depend on – the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces said adding that they will be successful only if they always recognise in those under their command people and comrades in the full sense of the word, those with whom they will, as one, unique and indivisible whole, fulfil their sacred office for which they took an oath to Serbia.
The Serbian president said that the large turnout of high school graduates who apply for professional military service and military schools was the best indicator of confidence of the citizens in the Serbian Armed Forces.
- Preserving and enhancing the reputation of our Armed Forces and the military profession also in the time ahead will be one of the main guidelines of the overall activities of the country. We must not wait for the future without a solid preparation for all possible circumstances, even for those threatening the security of citizens. Therefore, the Serbian Armed Forces remains strong and decisive guarantor of protection of national interests – Nikolic said among other things and confirmed that the development, modernization, equipping and arming of the Serbian Armed Forces are among the priority actions, and that this applies also to the scientific research and educational activities in the field of defence.
Warning that the world today is changing for the worse, and that "many go for belongings owned by other people", President once again invited everyone to come to talk and reach an agreement, and he confirmed that, in dealing with the difficult problems that no single country is up to, international cooperation is more needed than ever before.
- Efficient and professional army trained for the execution of the projected missions and tasks, builds up itself through interoperability with other armies. In this respect, close cooperation of our country with all countries of the world provides an opportunity for officers of our Armed Forces to test their powers and compare the level of practice with colleagues from many countries – Nikolic said adding that each of these tests showed that we are not at all behind the officers from the much larger and economically stronger countries, and that we will continue to participate in building peace as much as we can.
Concluding his address, the President of the Republic said that he knew that the youngest second lieutenants of the Serbian Armed Forces would continue with a lot of will and enthusiasm on the path of the "giant heroes" from the Serbian history, and carry out their vocation with the acquired education and their officer and human honor providing Serbia in peacetime to make progress in all fields.
- It is our sacred duty both before our ancestors and descendants, President Nikolic concluded.
Congratulating the erstwhile cadets on their first officer ranks, the Commandant of the Military Academy, Major General Goran Zekovic, presented the current moment of that military-educational institution confirming that it continuously strengthens its educational capacities.
The persons being honored today at the celebration, in order come to their first officer ranks, had to go through a thorny path, take part in many exercises, training grounds, camping, applied forms of instructions, professional practice, public events of national importance and sport championships in which they have worthily represented the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence, General Zekovic said.
- This generation is flattered to have the honor of gaining their first officer rank in front of the National Assembly building, and replica of the Kaimaktsalan watchtower, where the famous figures of the Serbian history started gaining its liberty and its resurrection, the Commandant of the Military Academy said telling the youngest officers not to forget the academic mottos which adorned them all these year behind us, that the knowledge is their weapons, and the honor their assets.
The Commandant of the Military Academy added that the Military Academy will continue to monitor their work and rejoice at every success they achieve waiting for them at new levels of their professional development.
Speaking on behalf of his colleagues in the 137th class, the first ranked in the Military Academy, Second Lieutenant Lazar Stojnic, said that four years of schooling are a long and arduous path, full of toil and sacrifice, obstacles and sleepless nights.
- We are stepping in the line of Serbian officers, and it is not a little or simple matter, because keeping up with the reputation of the Serbian officers is a difficult task, but I can say with certainty that the officers of the 137th class will fulfill this expectation, Stojnic said, confirming that he will proudly carry the presented sword, in which the school days engraved a lot of beautiful memories.
Lieutenant Stojnic added that the newly promoted Serbian Armed Forces officers would use the acquired knowledge and skills in their future work and everyday life, and, addressing the parents he said that they should be proud of their children as much as their children are proud of them.
- We will continue to be devoted to the officer's call, and we will unconditionally love anguished mother Serbia, bravely defending its honor, by which we will acquire also our personal reputation, the first ranked in the Military Academy said.
Lieutenant Colonel Milovan Djordjevic, a pilot, also greeted his youngest colleagues from one of the MiG-29 aircraft of the Serbian Armed Forces that added solemnity to the today's ceremony by over flights.
- I congratulate the youngest colleagues on their first officer rank! Serve with honour to your people, and be pride of your homeland. Long live Serbia! – Lieutenant Colonel Djordjevic said.
Along with the parade of the youngest second lieutenants and cadets of the University of Defence and the over flights of the Serbian Armed Forces aircraft, the celebration programme was completed by the performance of the Ministry of Defence's 'Stanislav Binicki' Art Ensemble and Representative Orchestra of the Guard.
For the first time, driven by a renewed tradition of the Serbian Armed Forces Guard drill, section for the close-order drill of the Military Academy performed the drill actions at the position and in movement.
The commissioning ceremony in front of the National Assembly, which was marked by the celebration of the great Serbian offensive on the Salonika front, was held for the eleventh time, and this year, a cadet from Angola, Aureo Ramos Bernardo, was promoted to the rank of a second lieutenant as well.

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