Completion of the medical service’s professional soldiers training

30. 11. 2017

The ceremony on the completion of the training of June 2017 generation was held at the Military Medical Academy.
Acting Head of the VMA Colonel Prof. Dr. Miroslav Vukosavljevic congratulated military medical technicians on successfully mastered training, which prepared them for a career in the medical service. In his address, he said that the MMA, which they had the opportunity to get an insight into its work and daily duties of medical personnel in the past three months, is reasonably considered the unique in the military healthcare system. As he said, a lot is expected from employees because of the tradition of providing only the highest quality health care over the past 17 decades. He also congratulated the participants for successfully acquiring new skills and knowledge, hoping they would use this valuable experience at the Military Medical Academy in a continuation of their career.
Generation "June 2017" completed the voluntarily military service in duration of six months in training centers, and after general and specialist military training, they were sent to the Military Medical Academy as one of the military medical institutions in order to prepare themselves practically for work in the military health care system.
After the signing of the first contract, professional soldiers of the medical service receive a rank with the possibility of promotion based on time spent in service and further training. In addition to continuing professional training and the possibility of participating in peacekeeping missions abroad, as well as studies for professional nurses at the MMA Medical Faculty, Defence University in Belgrade, they will be admitted to the military medical institutions in Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad, including the Military Medical Academy.

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