Continuation of modern treatment of arrhythmias in MMA

09. 11. 2023

A new method of treating atrial fibrillation - the most common type of arrhythmia - was performed independently for the first time, using the 3D CARTO system at the Military Medical Academy.
Radiofrequency ablation on the CARTO system is an interventional procedure that is performed in the angiography suite under local anesthesia and analgo-sedation. Due to the very short recovery of patients, it is considered one of the most modern and successful methods of treating this type of arrhythmia.
Radiofrequency catheters are used to electrically isolate the pulmonary veins to the atrium so that they do not disturb the normal heart rhythm. Small scars are made with radiofrequency energy, which does not disturb the heart and blood vessels but is used to break connections to not disturb the regular flow of biological current in the heart.
The interventions were performed under the supervision of Dr. Milosav Tomovic and Dr. Dejan Kojic from the "Dedinje" Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, with which the MMA doctors completed their training for performing this procedure. The team of the MMA Cardiology Clinic consisted of Lt. Col. Dr. Ivica Djuric, head of the Department of Electrophysiology and Arrhythmias of the MMA Cardiology Clinic, Dr. Bojana Subotic, resident doctor Branko Milovanovic and medical technician Darko Brkusanin.

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