Continuous Medical education – Imperative of Modern Times

24. 05. 2010

Belgrade, May 24, 2010. – Continuous medical education (CME) means permanent professional development and training of medical workers, and is conidered the main postulate for securing quality in day-to-day medical practice. Upon reopening of Association of Doctors in Serbia, establishment of Health Council and passing of a new package of laws, medical workers are faced with specific professional development and advanced training- related requirements they have to satisfy, which are gratified in the total number of credits gained on the basis of thier activities in various CME forms throughout the year.

Having recognized the actual needs, and proceeding from the MMA’s professional potential and capabilities in the fields of treatment,education and scientific research, we have established the Center for continuous medical education at the Military Medical Academy. The position of the Center’s coordinator is, by the decision of the MMA’s Teaching-Scientific Council, assigned to Col. Prof. Dr. Predrag Romić, the head of the MMA’s Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.

Applying newly introduced standards, we are able to evaluate daily performance of each of us. One of the important parameters for that purpose is the evaluation of how sufficiently well and continuously we improve ourselves, how closely we follow the contemporary medical literature and the latest achievements in medicine we are practicing’, mentioned Col. Prof. Dr. Romić in his statement for the MMA’s web site.

He also added that from January through April 2010, 38 MMA’s continuous education programs covering various fields of medicine were accredited, and other 52 programs which had met all criteria set by the Commission for Quality Control and Review of MMA’s Continuous Education Programs were submitted for accreditation.

’We are doing our best to organize medical and scientific events of all types ranging from meetings, courses, seminars, etc. at the highest possible level, and to help as well our colleagues from other healthcare failities in both our country and the region’, said Col. Romić.

’Professional level of those events is varified through the evaluation process carried out by chairs, Special Commission for Review of Continuous Education Programs and the MMA’s Teaching-Scientific Council. Only after going through those proesses, a compliance for organizing such an event is given and a request for accrediation is further communicated to the Serbian Council for Health. The work of the CME Center is then analyzed on a yearly basis. Our intention is to achieve maximum in this field and to ensure that a seminar hosted by the MMA is a guarantee and quality measure’, said Prof. Predrag Romić.

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