Cooperation between the Military Medical Academy and the Palermo Burn Center

02. 12. 2008

Belgrade, December 2 - The delegation of the Burn Center of Palermo, Italy, led by its head Prof. Dr Francesco Conte has begun its three-day visit to the Military Medical Academy. The objective of this visit is to establish the institutional cooperation in the field of cell culture (fibroblasts and keratonicytes) as well as skin tissue biotechnology.

The guests from Palermo were received by the MMA head Major General Prof. Miodrag Jevtić, PhD who stressed that it was one more opportunity to intensify scientific and professional cooperation not only between our and Italian doctors and molecular biologists but two countries as well. ‘Thus, through the profession and science, we serve our country, and that is our mission. There are no boundaries, no limits to what medicine can go, and humanity is a universal category. We have what to show, but we are not ashamed of learning more from the others more knowledgeable and, therefore, I am looking forward to our future cooperation’’ pointed out General Jevtić.

Cooperation between the Military Medical Academy and the Burn Center of Palermo was established in 2007 in the course of the treatment of Stefan Stajić, a boy severely wounded due to receiving electric shock.

During the visit, the guests from Italy were taken to a tour of the Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Burns and the Institute of Medical Research. Those are the MMA two organizational units the experts from Palermo would directly collaborate with in the future. That collaboration was formalized in the form of the Protocol on Cooperation signed by the MMA head Major General Prof. Miodrag Jevtić, PhD and head of the Burn Center of Palermo Prof. Francesco Conte, MD.

That protocol anticipated the possibility of expert exchange as well. In that context, a visit of a team of MMA plastic surgeons and molecular biologists to the Burn Center in Palermo was agreed with the aim of providing our experts with the possibility to acquire knowledge in the field of skin tissue biotechnology that they could transfer and introduce into our clinical practice. That would be a great contribution to the improvement and advancement of plastic surgery in our country.

Serbia has recently become an active member of the Mediterranean Council for Burns the president of which is Michele Masellis, MD, one of the members of the delegation visiting the Military Medical Academy. Since, Colonel Prof. Dr Jefta Kozarski from the MMA Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Burns is our representative to this Association, the modalities of extended cooperation in this domain among the Mediterranean countries were considered.

Italian experts introduced their colleagues from Serbia into the experiences they gained in that field through presentations delivered during the professional event titled ‘’Skin tissue biotechnology and the use of bioengineering products in the clinical practice’’ organized at the Academy.
Head of the Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Burns Col. Prof. Marjan Novaković, MD, PhD and the head of the Burn Department Maj. Assist. Prof. Boban Đorđević, MD, PhD were actively involved in making all the necessary arrangements for the visit of the Palermo experts to the Military Medical Academy. 

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