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Cryoablation Method Introduced at MMA

27. 01. 2017

Five interventional cryoablation procedures, treatment for heart rhythm disorder, freezing the heart tissue that triggers an irregular heartbeat, were successfully performed at the Clinic for Cardiology of the Military Medical Academy. Cryoablations were done on 23rd and 24th January 2017 without any complications and patients were discharged to home with the regular heart rhythm.
Cryoablation – a cooling technique and once the balloon is at the ostium of the pulmonary vein, extreme cold energy flows through the catheter and destroy that small amount of tissue and restore a healthy heart rhythm. This technique is used in the treatment of atrial fibrillation. It can successfully eliminate the arrhythmogenic foci in younger patients and for those who do not have with current treatments a satisfactory effect. Cryoprocedures were carried out in collaboration with a team of experts from the Institute of Cardiology in Budapest, Hungary, led by Dr. Földesi Csaba László, while a team of MMA cardiologists was led by Major Dr. Ognjen Gudelj.
Military Medical Academy, having introduced the cryo-technology in medical practice, has become the second institution in the country with this type of treatment.

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