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Day of MMA’s Faculty of Medicine Celebrated

03. 03. 2016


Today at the Military Medical Academy the Day of MMA Faculty of Medicine of the University of Defence in Belgrade was marked as a part of celebrating the Day of the Military Medical Academy. The ceremony was attended by vice-rectors of the University of Defence, teachers and cadets of the MMA Faculty of Medicine.
Deputy Head of MMA Colonel Prof. d r Dragan Dincic in his welcome address spoke about the specifics of the medical profession and stressed that health is as important as science, culture, education, but it is at the same time is a special category, because it cannot be postponed.
- Everything can be slowed down or even stopped for a moment, except for disease, which often comes suddenly and almost always unannounced - said Prof. Dr. Dincic and then spoke about patients, medical personnel sacrifice, their enthusiasm, but also about problems of supply of medicines and medical movable assets.
He pointed out that the operation of an institution is not based only on the enthusiasm of employees, but also on the material support because, he said, not even the greatest knowledge is sufficient to remove and narrow the boundaries between health and illness.
Then Prof. Dr. Dincic cited positive examples that inspire confidence in the future work and the future of the institution. First he mentioned last year's promotion of the first generation of second lieutenant of medical corps, then initiation of system for cytostatic therapy in the Sector for Pharmacy of MMA, last year’s election of distinguished MMA’s professor of transfusion medicine Dr. Bela Balint for the corresponding member of SASA, and assistance of MMA’s physicians to their colleagues in the Clinical Centre of Kosovska Mitrovica.
Medical workers are optimists by choice, otherwise they would not be able to do this hard work, and I am an optimist too because I believe in the real value of the MMA, I believe in the MMA being a national asset, which by its strategic significance goes far beyond the boundaries and personal preferences of any individual - Deputy Head of MMA said.
Dean Col Prof. Dr Nebojsa Jovic spoke about the work of MMA’s Faculty of Medicine. He pointed out a fascinating will and the desire of young cadets to learn, work, overcome obstacles along the way, and who with their energy, youth and brains reminded their teachers on why they once fell in love in medicine and enrolled at.
Dean said that at the Faculty of Medicine MMA, today, 161 cadets are on integrated academic studies, eight students, on specialist studies and on PhD studies 23 of them, while 213 residents. 30 of their colleagues are on other forms of training and from civilian institutions we have 85, but also 30 foreign students (from Algeria, Republic of Srpska, Montenegro, Macedonia, Libya).
Colonel Prof. Dr. Jovic said that 33 scientific projects are being realized, and that in the last three years colleagues from the MMA’s Faculty of Medicine published 83 scientific papers in prestigious medical journals.
Also, Prof. Dr. Jovic said that amendments to the program of doctoral studies biomedicine were done: in preventive and clinical medicine modules that specialist studies in oral medicine and surgical orthodontic treatment of facial and jaw deformities were accredited, and that the accreditation of vocational studies for nurses is in process. He added that the budget fund of the University of Defence was created in order to realize financial compensation for teachers and associates of the MMAs Faculty of Medicine, as well as providing financial resources for research projects.
On the occasion, 40 diplomas were awarded to residents and subspecialists of MMA. Diplomas were presented by Head of the Sector for Education and Scientific Research Col. Dr. Miroslav Brocic.
Finally, the six best scientific papers by Faculty of Medicine cadets and MMA’s residents were presented, that were published or presented at scientific meetings during the last year.


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