Day of the Military Medical Academy

02. 03. 2016

Ceremony held in the Central Military Club today marked 172 years of existence of the Military Medical Academy. That gathering was attended by Tomislav Nikolic, President of the Republic of Serbia, the ministers in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Nenad Neric, State Secretary in the Ministry of Defence, General Ljubisa Dikovic, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, with members of his collegium, representatives of religious communities, current and former members of the Military Medical Academy.
The audience was welcomed by State Secretary Nenad Neric who recalled the long way of MMA development, "one of the most renowned medical institutions in Serbia and the region".
Neric pointed out that MMA today hospitalizes about 35,000 patients per year that about 25,000 surgical procedures, more than half a million specialist examinations and about three million diagnostic and laboratory procedures are performed in it, with continuous introduction of new methods of diagnosis and treatment.
- All this would not be possible in the MMA if employees with their work, commitment, knowledge and dedication did not contribute to this hospital to be what it is today. They are the ones who give purpose, meaning and soul to these walls and corridors, and who are to be rewarded – Neric said.
The State Secretary reflected on the previous year, which was not easy, and pointed out:
-In the conditions of the limited financial resources, increased employee engagement, a large number of the insured, it required a lot of wisdom, skills and knowledge in planning and carrying out everyday tasks in which you had no right to make mistakes, because you have fought for what is the most valuable –for human life. But the difficulties and sacrifices are intended to make us better, but successful people are those who have learned to solve problems. Today I can assure you that you are both more successful and better.
Talking about future work, Neric pointed out that there was a clear vision of the development of military medicine and that, accordingly, the Ministry of Defence, within its capabilities, will provide assistance and support to the Military Medical Academy.
- Stable financing, rational and cost-effective business operations, investment in medical personnel, knowledge sharing, learning and application of new methods of cooperation with national and international health institutions and equipping with modern means for work, are our common priorities. Guided by the adage, if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together, I am convinced that ahead of us there is a long and arduous but successful path, State Secretary Nenad Neric said.
Deputy Head of MMA Colonel Prof. Dr. Dragan Dincic also spoke about the work of the Military Medical Academy. He recalled that the past determined the present MMA and carved some of its specifics – responsible and dedicated personnel identified with the institution, good organization of work and unbreakable loyalty to the defence system.
- Although knowledge is expensive, it can be gained by persistent work and personal sacrifice. For its promotion, it is necessary to constantly invest in procurement of modern medical equipment and the most effective therapeutic agents. Without financial support, without preserving our own staff, neither the greatest knowledge, nor supreme dedication to a sick man are not sufficient to eliminate or narrow down the boundaries between illness and health", Deputy Head of the Military Medical Academy said.
At the ceremony in the Central Military Club, the best organizational units of MMA were declared. The Clinic for Neurology received a MMA plaque for best organizational unit in the Treatment Sector, and the best organizational unit outside the Treatment Sector is the Pharmacy Sector. State Secretary Nenad Neric conferred MMA plaques on Colonel Prof. Ranko Raicevic and Prof. Mirjana Antunovic.
Medal "Dr Vladan Djordjevic", which has been awarded to the best surgeons for the eighth consecutive year, this year was awarded to Major-General retired Prof. Vladislav Stepic and academician Prof. Radoje Colovic.
Author of the year of the "Military Medical Review" is Prof. Nebojsa Krunic from the Faculty of Medicine in Nis, and Lieutenant Colonel Prof. Slobodan Obradovic from the MMA Clinic for Emergency Internal Medicine was declared the reviewer of the year.


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