Defence Minister Visited the Deployable Medical Facility of the Military Medical Academy

04. 04. 2014

Nebojsa Rodic, Defence Minister in the caretaker government, accompanied by State Secretary Zoran Djordjevic, have visited today the Light Field Hospital Role 2, which is a part of the Military Medical Training Center of the MMA Sector for Education and Scientific Research.
The deployable medical facility consisting of a system of modern air-conditioned tents equipped with modern medical equipment purchased especially for that purpose has been installed in the barracks Banjica 2 .
Minister Rodic was welcomed by Brigadier General Dr. Zoran Popovic, Head of the Military Healthcare Department, and Brigadier General Prof. Dr. Marjan Novakovic, Head of the Military Medical Academy.
Doctors and medical staff, among many of whom had experience in multinational operations, presented to Minister Rodic the method of operation of the Light Field Hospital, which was donated to the Serbian Armed Forces by the Norwegian Armed Forces. The first man of the defence system had the possibility to see the capacities which this facility may engage in case of war, multinational operations and natural disasters.
Brigadier General Popovic, Head of the Military Healthcare Department, emphasized that the experience which our doctors and medical staff have gained in peacekeeping operations so far is very valuable. He pointed out that members of our medical services participated in the UN mission in Darfur in Chad just working in the Light Field Hospital Role 2 of the Norwegian Armed Forces. Competence of doctors and medical equipment which has been presented to the Minister of Defence, according to Dr. Popovic, is an important resource for the Armed Forces and the state.
As Brigadier General Novakovic, Head of the Military Medical Academy, stated, the deployable medical facility can be put to use within a few hours, and doctors and nurses are fully trained to carry out a very wide range of examinations and medical procedures normally practiced only in larger inpatient hospitals. He said that in this facility under field conditions it is possible to perform blood tests, x-ray diagnostics, surgical procedures, while patients can also be subjected to the intensive care treatment.


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