Dragan Dzajic underwent an operation

08. 07. 2008

Belgrade, July 8 - On April 23, 2008, the patient Dragan Dzajić (62 years old) was admitted to the Military Medical Academy for cardiological, neurological and urological problems. Cardiological screening revealed that the patient suffers from severe coronary arterial disease and the possibility of applying intervention therapy was considered.  The MMA and Serbian Clinical Center Medical meeting concluded that introduction of intensive  pharmacological therapy along with constant medical observation due to the risks of serious cardiological events was required until further. Neurological screening (including electromioneurography) confirmed that neurological problems were caused by lumbosacral discopathy and there were no indications for a surgical intervention for the time being. Based on urologic examination, prostate disease was diagnosed and surgical treatment indicated. The surgery was performed on July 7, 2008, by the MMA urological-surgical team led by Col. Assist. Prof. Novak Milović, MD, PhD. Postoperative recovery was normal and all steps reqired for further treatment were taken.

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